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Basic Scuba Diving Course

This is the basic entry level course for non-divers who wishes to pick up scuba diving classes. Diventures Scuba offers courses from PADI, SSI and RAID, depending on your personal preferences. And all our courses are conducted in a very small instructor to student ratio.

Catering to scuba divers from all walks of life, we have no frills budget courses and also more exotic diving destination.




At Diventures Scuba, we understand that your time and comfort is crucial. In our 25 years of operation, we have carefully designed and crafted different packages for Singapore scuba divers, depending on your own personal quest for comfort and luxury.  

Open Water Diver Course Comparison Chart

Budget Tioman

Liveaboard Tioman


No of Days 3D/2N 3D/2N 4D/3N
Cost of Trip SGD$ 300.00 from SGD$ 750.00 SGD$600.00
SSI Course Fees (Add On)
PADI Course Fees (Add On)
RAID Course Fees (Add On)
Accommodation Type cheap bad lousy tioman scuba diving package mega explorer liveaboard tioman singapore luxury bali weekend diving singapore indonesia
Please note that it is a twin bed sharing
Twin Twin
Bathroom Ensuite Basic Ensuite Ensuite
Hours Needed to Travel
Per Way
6 hours by land
4 hours by boat
Depart straight from Punggol Marina 2.5 hours flight from Singapore
Diving 3/10 Stars 3/10 Stars 7/10 Stars

I am a Master scuba diver, and I have been diving for 20 years. Imagine my disappointment when my husband declared he will never dive again after encountering a bad experience during his Open Water Course in Bali.

After waiting for 10 years, my son is finally old enough to dive. But he is not confident in water, and his inability to equalize during his first scuba trial left me desperate to find him a good instructor.

It is by sheer coincidence that I got to know Diventures Scuba. And what a blessing it turned out to be!

After just 1 session in the pool with Alvin, Venetia and Kiat, my husband and my little boy are able to swim confidently through the underwater obstacles, and perform drills like regulator retrieval, mask clearing and even mask removal. I was flabbergasted!

The instructors at Diventures are truly dedicated about giving every new diver a positive experience, and they are especially patient with divers who need extra help.

It has always been my dream to go on a family dive holiday. And we are now one step closer to achieving that. Thank you so much Alvin, Venetia and Kiat!

Geraldine Seow


The instructors are so patient and nice. I have done a few trips with other dive centres to Tioman and it was neither relaxing nor holiday like. I am so glad I paid more for their Bali trip and it was a truly relaxing experience and diving at Tulamben was far better than Tioman.

Maggie Gab

Kiat and Co. are #1 safe, #2 super experienced #3 responsible #4 a lot of fun and #5 great value. Did a trip with them on budget Tioman and regretted not listening to their advice. On a second trip, decided to try the new Mega Explorer and it was so much more enjoyable. It was money well spent.

Josephine Wong

Took up my diving with Diventures Scuba since 2001 till now. I am so glad that they have moved away from the exhausting and tiring budget Tioman trips and they are now offering more luxurious trip to Bali. Once you have experience diving in Bali, you know what real diving is.

Travis Yew



Regardless of PADI, SSI or RAID, all our basic Open Water Diver Course will consist of a minimum 3 hours knowledge development. Each agency of their respective training material and they have their pros and cons.

Our Instructors who are trained in by all three agencies have their own preferences, which is of course the new PADI Touch Program for Open Water Diver Course.

Our classes are conducted on any Monday evenings, from 7pm to 10pm


During this phase, new scuba divers are taught the fundamental skills that are required, to equip divers will the relevant skill sets to be safe as a scuba diver. Diventures Scuba ensure that all in-water training has a small class ratio.

A minimum of 6 hours to 9 hours is required, depending on the comfort level of each new scuba diver. We do not restrict the number of hours needed.

Depending on your destination, pools are either conducted here in Singapore or the destination.


Upon successfully completing your initial knowledge development (classroom session) and pool training, it is time to proceed to the most exciting phase, which is the four (4) required ocean dives.

Depending on the destination you have selected, the package can come with 4 to 6 dives but the actual required training dives is only 4.

We have a wide variety of destinations, which is listed on this page.