I generally prefer using Tradingview to analyze the charts, as the tools available in Tradingview is far more superior to MT4. Most of my peers and Pikapool friends are all on the same platform, allowing us to share charts and information, so we can analyze each other charts and correct the mistakes to minimize risks and maximize profits.

BROKER - ic markets

The next thing to do is to choose and open a broker. For now, most of us are using IC Markets at this moment of time. IC Markets has really attractive rates for Intraday Traders and Scalping needs. If you are not sure how to choose a broker, do spend sometime reading the article, or you can be lazy and just follow our advice to open a RAW ECN account.


To begin trading, you will need an “interface” that is linked to the markets and your equity. This software is known as MT4 (Metatrader 4.0). It allows you to enter/exit your trades after analyzing them on Tradingview, monitor the trades and their performance on both your computer and mobile phone. Make sure this is the last step.